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Course Rules

  1. You, the golfer, are entirely responsible for the actions of your ball.
  2. All holes are measured to the center of the green. See yardage plates on each tee.
  3. Always use courtesy to others, allow faster players through.
  4. Please repair all ball marks on greens and sand any divots on the tee.
  5. Any ball in the water ,woods or flower beds may be played without penalty; or treated as a lateral hazard, drop at point of entry with 1 stroke penalty.
  6. Any ball on or across any road is out of bounds, ball may be dropped at point of entry with 1 stroke penalty.
  7. Any ball near any road, sign, fence, posts, and structures may take full relief, no penalty.
  8. Permission for pets on the course must be granted by golf staff.




Photo of Golf Course