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Men's Golf Handicap League

Golfer Teeing OffThe men play a Spring, a Summer, and a Fall League. The fee is $15 per league, plus $12 per round golf fee. Play is on Wednesday mornings beginning at or before 9 AM. This league is open to any man who establishes a handicap at our course. There are 2 groups in each league. Play is a two-man match, by holes. The winners of the 2 groups play to determine the champion of each league. There is a playoff between the 3 league champions to determine the overall champion. After the Fall League, there is a banquet to award prizes to the winners, and celebrate the season.

Men’s League Rules

1. Play is Wednesday mornings by 9 AM.   
2. Arrive at least 20 minutes before 9 AM.
3. Sign in, pay, check both handicaps, using the trend line.
4. Subtract the lower handicap from higher — difference is number of strokes for higher.
5. Match is by holes; keep both scores.
6. Tell opponent your score and get his after each hole.
7. Keep a running total of match, telling opponent.
8. We play winter rules, you may move the ball in the fairway 12".
9. Streams, ditches, and flower beds are lateral hazards.
10. After match enter scores in computer, put card in drawer by computer.
11. Post result on Schedule in Locker room, 2 for win, 1 for tie, 0 for a loss.
12. If you cannot play when scheduled, contact opponent ASAP to reschedule.
13. If in doubt due to the weather, call the Pro Shop, 884-7825.